Michael Dolsey:  Glider 10'

Great durable, stable board, perfect for the novice to advance paddler.                $899.99

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YOLO:  Hammerhead  10'7

An extremely durable board that is perfect for the beginner to the advance paddler.               $749.99

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USED Kings:  Custom  12'6" Tour/Race Board

The name of this board, Leilani, means beautiful flower in Hawaiian. Its sure to be one of kind with a smooth glide!                           $1199.99

USED Kings:  Custom  14' Tour/Race Board

Be a warrior on the water with this beast! Custom design, carbon fiber, like a torpedo in the water!                                    $1399.99

YOLO:  Original "Serenity Aloe"  10'6"

When art and function combine you get the Serenity! A truly breath taking  all around board!        $1399.99


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USED Yolo: Orange Crush Race Board    14'

If you want to be a speed demon, then this is the board for you! Carbon fiber construction makes this board light and durable!   $999.99

Pau Hana:  Cadence 12'6"

This ultra light board, with a  displacement hull, is designed for races & touring          

 HUGE SAVINGS!!! Only                               $1099.99

YOLO: Woody Explorer 12'

With a V-hull this board cuts through the water, provide for a stable ride with superior tracking.            $984.99

YOLO:  Original "Blue Stripe"  12'

This epoxy board is great for catching a wave, paddling with the kids, fishing, and yoga!        $1449.99

Michael Dolsey:  Tuna 10'6"

Perfect all around, yoga board with its full deck padding!                                 $999.99