ABOUT THE TEACHER: Lead outdoor educator, Sarah Pope is offering Hampton Roads schools, scouts, co-ops, and homeschool families a fresh take on science education.  She is certified by the Commonwealth of Virginia and has taught Earth Science, Oceanography and Advanced Placement Environmental Science in the public school system in Hampton Roads for over 5 years. She has worked with several homeschool groups and co-ops to provide enrichment programs and even comes to you! 


Engage your students from the start of a unit, and hold it to the end, by providing them with a common experience to refer back to all year long. Have fun collecting data, inquiring about nature, experimenting, and learning!  We’ll bring nature to you!

Let us customize a program for your class or afternoon club. Select from an assortment of activities to suit your curriculum needs. We even have long-term experiments and teachable tanks available. We set up and keep a tank in your class for several weeks.

Here are just a few of our outreach programs:

  • Marine Biodiversity!Dive into the diversity of our oceans with this invertebrate adventure!  Its “shore” to be a wave of fun!  Students will interact with several “sea” specimens, molt with crustaceans, and dissect a mollusk.
  • The Class is your Oyster -Reef! Engage your students with all the critters found in an oyster reef. Use deductive reasoning to identify species. Learn firsthand what makes oysters keystone species. This select program is available for “teachable tanks!”
  • Wetlands in the classroom –literally!  You won’t need boots to walk through this wetland. Students will experience everything from the sediment, water, producers, consumers, and decomposers, all without muddy shoes! This select program is available for “teachable tanks!”

Join us in the field, and explore nature while you paddle!  here is our most popular field trip experience. 

  • ESTUARINE ECOLOGYThis is an all-in-one introduction to estuaries. Get fit and paddle board in a tidal marsh. Become a scientist and observe & identify flora and fauna, build food webs and discuss human impacts on this sensitive ecosystem. Science SOLs: k.6, 1.5, 2.8, 3.5, 3.9, 4.5, 5.6, 6.7, LS.5, LS.9, Bio 8

Education through Exploration!

​Educational Outreach Program