SUP Rentals

We offer high-quality Boards for you to rent. All rentals include everything you need (board, paddles, PFD, quick 10 minutes land lesson)  to have an awesome, paddling adventure! 

Rental Rates:

    2 Hours- 

1 board $45       
2 boards $80

1 board $75 for 24 hours
2 boards $120 for 24 hours

1 board $195      
2 boards $350

Giant SUP Rental  
Get the entire family on a single 15' 6+ person SUP! Make lasting memories on a giant SUP! Includes 4 PFDs, 4 paddles, one giant SUP. $95 for the first hour, $75 for each additional hour. 

Pick Up Location or Drop Off
You can pick up your rentals from our store, 4425 Shore Drive Virginia Beach, or we can drop off your rentals for a $10 delivery fee. 

Damage Disclaimer
Should the renter not return the paddle board(s), ETET LLC, reserves the right to charge up to $500 for board & equipment replacement. In addition, a repair fee of up to $200 could be charged for damage done to the rented equipment done by the renter.