Ebbing Tides

Marine Biology on the Bay 

Wednesdays 10am-12pm,          5th-9th grade,        $300 per student,        

This all in one marine science class will have your kids getting wet, pulling nets, and learning all about marine life! 

Join the fun this fall! We meet on the beach in VB near the Lesner Bridge. Each class will focus on a a different phylum with examples of various species, and may include a dissection!

Classes start March 20, 2024

Online Classes Fall/Winter 2023

In-Person Classes SPRING 2024

Forensic Science 

Thursday 10am-12pm,          8th-12th grade,        $300 per student,        

​​In Forensic Science you get to kindle your fascination for sleuthing and put logic and reason to the test in this crime solving class. Join the investigation as we study the various branches of forensic science; from crime scene investigation to forensic pathology to fingerprint analysis; this class is perfect for any student interested in becoming a forensic scientist. 

This course is designed to give students a broader understanding of what a forensic scientist does. Through hands on labs, internet quests, and job shadowing opportunities, students will take an interactive approach to online Forensic Science.  

 Students will gain a comprehensive understanding of the major themes of forensic science, including proper procedures of crime scene investigation; fingerprint and blood splatter analysis, calculation of postmortem interval and identification of human remains. 

Classes start March 7, 2024